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Sun Country Toilet Saver

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The Toilet Saver Flush System is the only product available that will turn off the fill valve in the event of a catastrophic leak or flood. It can also save tens of thousands of gallons or more of water a year by preventing water loss from all types of leaks, while it reduces the amount of water used for each flush. The System’s patented design addresses and overcomes all the flaws in standard toilet fill valve and flush valve products. It contains a uniquely designed adjustable flapper that improves the flush performance over typical low-volume toilets by increasing flush velocity. In the event of a leak of any kind, the fill valve will not activate, thereby preventing the tank from continuously refilling. All of these components are adjustable and are designed to factor in the differences in tank size, water pressure, bowl design, and drainage in order to deliver optimum performance. The Toilet Saver Flush System provides a simple, affordable solution to upgrade just about any toilet to an efficient, property-damage protecting, code compliant, eco-friendly system that will simply outperform anything on the market!

Toilet Recycling Facts:

  • Over 7 million toilets go into landfills a year
  • For the average Canadian family, a high-efficiency toilet can save up to 20,000 litres of water a year
  • High-efficiency toilets use at least 60 percent less water per flush than toilets purchased before 1992
  • In terms of daily water use per capita, Canada is only surpassed in quantity by the United States
  • 65% of all water consumption occurs in the bathroom

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