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Sun Country Commercial Composter

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Sun Country Commercial Composter Units

Ecology-minded companies not only create a healthier planet, but their sustainable practices also nurture a healthier bottom line. Our Sun Country Commercial units reduce food waste by up to 93%, helping companies slash the hefty expense of waste management. And unlike traditional composting - which can take up to a year - our commercial technology can completely compost food waste in less than 24 hours, so you don’t amass a rotting, smelly pile of refuse.

Eco-Sense = Money Sense

Companies around the world are experiencing the very real, very lucrative benefits of going green. Dedication to eco-minded pursuits attracts equally dedicated customers and employees - and this passion pays off. People are environmentally educated, and they’re fully aware that dumping food waste in landfills creates toxic liquids and produces methane - a greenhouse gas that's up to 30 times more harmful than C02.

Now more than ever, customers and employees are demanding greater environmental responsibility from businesses.

Green Tech in Action

The Sun Country Commercial is a multi-phase, onsite organic food waste recycling machine that dehydrates, sterilizes, deodorizes and turns potentially harmful food scraps into safe compost that can be reused as soil amendment, compost accelerant, biofuel, animal feed, pet food and potable water.

Currently, less that 3% of the more than 30 million tons of organic waste we produce yearly gets recycled. For food service and commercial food processing companies that deal with large quantities of food waste, the problem is multiplied.

Companies of any size, in any industry can benefit from our products. The Sun Country Commercial comes in in a variety of models, and can process anywhere from 65 lbs to 3300 lbs in a single session. The secret’s in our conversion technology, which breaks down food waste, offering a fast, effective and incredibly profitable organic food waste solution for your business.

Commercial Recycling Have Proven Impact...

The Sun Country Commercial reduces 95% of greenhouse gas emissions associated with landfilling food waste(in Ontario).

The Sun Country Commercial produces 89% less pollution particulates than landfilling food waste(mg PM2.5 per kg food waste in Ontario).

The Sun Country Commercial costs roughly one-third of what regular landfill disposal costs to dispose of food waste($ per tonne of food waste in Ontario)

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