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Biochar Solution, 2.5 lb.

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Biochar Soil Amendment, 2.5 lb.

Improve your soil's nutrient and water retention with Biochar.

Biochar is a very low cost soil amendment that greatly improves quality of soil, increases water retention, reduces fertilizer leaching, and ultimately increases the plant yield. Adding Biochar to your soil creates a storage system for nutrients, moisture, and beneficial microbes; together they work to feed plant roots more effectively.

Increase soil water retention
Improves plant health & yield
Boosts soil organic carbon level
Creates a home for beneficial microbes
Increases nutrient retention
Increases soil pliability
Carbon negative
Keeps carbon in soil for 100's of years

Contains: 100% Biochar (from wood 500°C; 30 minutes, including ash and moisture)

Available in 2.5 lb. boxes and 5 lb. buckets.

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